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  • Dr. Charles Kratz, D.C.
    Dr. Charles Kratz DC

    Dr. Kratz never thought chiropractic was his path. He didn’t know about the benefits chiropractic even held at the time that he was introduced to it. He was actually set to enter the electrical engineering program at college, when his father took him to see his chiropractor. His dad had been seeing the doctor for a while and had just started learning of all the benefits chiropractic had to offer. Having had a very weak immune system all through childhood and struggling to focus at school, Dr. Kratz just felt that was what life always was and always would be.

    Then, he met Dr. Mary Frye. He didn’t have pain and didn’t really expect much to change. Dr. Mary found several misalignments and started adjusting him three times a week and surprising things started to happen. His thoughts became clearer, his focus strengthened, his immune system got strong, and his sicknesses were less and less. Dr. Kratz’s life started to change. He went from someone who struggled in life, to someone who was succeeding. When that started to happen, he knew he had to bring this miracle, called chiropractic, to as many as he could.

    Dr. Kratz had the special privilege of attending 2 chiropractic colleges. He began his studies at Life University in Marietta, GA. By the end of 2002, Dr. Kratz decided he wanted to expand his knowledge of chiropractic and changed schools to finish is doctorate at Sherman college of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. This academic career path has clearly given Dr. Kratz a significant edge in this demanding field.

    Once Dr. Kratz graduated in 2004, He traveled back to Michigan, where he grew up, to practice. His practice included patients from newborn to elderly patients, he even had the opportunity to adjust a 104-year-old patient! After spending 8 years, again in the cold, he and his family decided it was time to make the move back down south to Georgia. Once back in Georgia, he took his practice to the next level and has performed well over 200,000 patient visits.

    One of the most important things Dr. Kratz hopes to accomplish with chiropractic is to educate his community about the benefits chiropractic has on the nervous system. That it is not only about pain management, it is opening the pathways of the most advanced electrical circuit that has ever and will ever exist to allow the body to heal itself. Dr. Kratz gets excited when someone asks him to explain chiropractic and how it can help them.

    Dr. Kratz is committed to bring exceptional health to all those in this community and beyond.

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